NORMAN ROCKWELL : son œuvre revisitée par les élèves de langue vivante approfondie

The Triple Self-Portrait de Norman Rockwell

The Triple Self-Portrait de Norman Rockwell

Après avoir travaillé sur le fameux tableau The Triple Self-Portrait de Norman Rockwell, les élèves ont été invités à trouver un tableau de l’artiste qui les inspirait et d’imaginer qu’ils étaient un des personnages peints. En minimum 300 mots, les étudiants se livrent à un travail de réécriture…le tout en ANGLAIS…Voici quelques travaux d’élèves très réussis.

Sunset by Norman Rockwell

Lucas LELLI 1°L1

« Oh,my god, this is killing me… Really…We’ve been fishing for hours, I’m so thirsty now I could drink a whole ocean, and I’m so hungry I could eat a whole horse ! But the only thing I can do is to wait for those two to finish their business, watching this silly sunset… Beautiful, yeah, you’re right ! But so annoying ! I mean, what’s the point ? Okay, they love each other and so forever, but why should I be stuck with them for like hours ! I can’t even have a single second of fun, sooo boring. An hour ago, I barked at a gorgeous butterfly which was flying over my head, it was meant as a greeting and they just shouted at me ! What a dog’s life… Though I love my master, He’skind and all, he gives me my treats and things…I’m so afraid to lose his love, because of her. It was her idea to come fishing, without her, we would have gone to the park to play together and frolic around, me and my master. But now I’m here, bored stiff, wallowing in self-pity, with worms and a fishing rod for only company… And I noticed that she wasn’t that pretty, into the bargain ! I’m much more good-looking than her, don’t you think ? I mean, look at me, with my cute face and my colorful fur !Oh ! Oh ! We’re finally going ! About time too ! I’m going to eat two full bowls of treats when we are back home. And I may eventually have some time with my master ! Oh, and after all that time spent with them over there, I sort of find them really sweet together, hand in hand… She’s not that bad after all, she’s maybe going to be my new mistress,so I s’pose I have to love her too. Besides, everybody knows that dogs love everybody and everything, why should I be any different ? »

american way

The American Way by Norman Rockwell

Donyazad AOUAMRI 1°L1

« Poor little girl…She must be an orphan now… How did she manage to get here and survive? There was no one when we arrived in here with the squad. She can’t have been here for days on her own, this is just impossible !!! there’s no food and no water down there. She was just here, sitting on that piece of rock. I should maybe give her my packed lunch, the one I got for today, she looks like she’s starving to death. I’m amazed she still manages to smile at me.
I should maybe smile back; she might feel more comfortable and safe with me then. The vegetable stew seems to be to her liking: eating seems to make her come back to life. Funny that dress she’s wearing, the way her hair is done… She definitely reminds me of my daughter.
I only hope and pray for only one thing every day: getting back home, alive, to see them again and eventually getting back to my family life. That child is not the first I come across. Yesterday I met a very young toddler, he couldn’t even walk. Fortunately, we found a group of French people that would take care of him. If I could, I would bring them all back with me to America to give them the life they deserve. All of this is wrong…
Why are children facing all those atrocities? How long will all this last? I hope that it won’t be too long before the end of this nightmarish life we’re all going through. A lot of people are dying of starvation every day and just helping one child per day isn’t enough, is it?
Anyway, by helping people this way I feel a lot more useful than when I am on those battle fields. I can still remember my mom who kept telling me that hurting people was bad. Even though it’s to help a lot more people, I still feel bad, doing it. I know it’s my duty to do so and that I have nothing to say but those children’s smiles made me change my mind. I want to take part in the things that really help. I don’t want to get my hands dirty anymore with this. That’s a done thing, I’ve made up my mind: I’m leaving the squad tomorrow with this little girl and I’ll live with the French group we met yesterday.”

The discovery

The Discovery, Norman Rockwell

Helena FLAMENT 1L°1

« Why is there a Santa Claus outfit in the chest of drawers? Isn’t that daddy’s perfume that I can smell ? and this seems to be his size. That’s weird. Why would daddy wear a Santa Claus outfit? Maybe I didn’t deserve Santa to come this year, so mom and dad bought his costume; after all, I’ve been pretty naughty these last few days. But I have had better grades this school year! And I’ve sent him so many letters. Or, wait a minute… maybe it’s not that he won’t come this year, but simply that he never did. That could explain why daddy always decided to take out the trash when Santa was supposed to be there. And that could also explain why they had the same shoes. I can’t believe it! I feel so stupid, how didn’t I understand sooner. Oh, and how I am going to break the news to my friends? Matthew is going to be devastated… No, I shouldn’t tell them. I’ll let them discover by themselves; I don’t want to ruin their childhood. So, Santa Claus isn’t real. And I guess his flying reindeers aren’t real either, nor is his wife and his elves. Well, I guess I’ll get used to it. Parents are such liars, I mean they’ve made me believe for almost 10 years that an old man with a white beard and red clothes offered presents to every child in the world in only one night. Poppycock! And the worst part of it is that they used him as an excuse to make me behave myself. I really can’t believe it. What else isn’t real? The Tooth Fairy? But I knew she for one couldn’t be true. A fairy would never be late; mine was always one day or two late. What else… The Easter Bunny! I’ve always wondered how those little rabbits could carry all this chocolate. Well, that’s a lot of discoveries… Let’s be positive about it, my poor parents won’t have to confess they have told me awful lies. I can’t picture how hard it would’ve been for them, telling me Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunnies and God knows who else are figments of their imagination. I bet they’re going to be relieved I’ve figured it all out all by myself, and a bit proud too I hope. I guess that means I am becoming an adult… But I don’t want to! I want to keep playing with my toy soldiers and reading cartoons! Still, I could swear without being told off, and also drive a car, though I’m not sure daddy would be okay with me driving his car. I’ll think about it later. For now, my real concern is, who has eaten all the cookies and drunk the glass of milk, which were supposed to be for Santa, each year? I’m sure daddy did. That’s not fair! It means he could eat more cookies than I did. I can’t believe mommy let him do that. After all, she loves these cookies as much as I do… All this thinking made me so tired. I’m going to sleep on it, because tomorrow is for sure another day. »

christmas rush

Christmas Rush by Norman Rockwell

Coralie FAES 1°L3

« I’ve never liked my job but in this period of the year it’s even worse… I like
Christmas, seriously I really love this period when it’s snowy and stuff, with the family-spirit and children smiling when they discover their gifts, it’s the most beautiful thing… I love seeing my children happy and I love going to the shops for them but it’s different when you are the salesgirl and you must work around people, these noisy people who make me sick, who make me have headaches day in day out, these people who are unable to put back in place the objects they’ve taken and that they actually don’t want, objects which I must put back in place and when you can’t help them, they are rude with you into the bargain, they can’t see you’re doing the best you can but then, there are two categories of people: those who leave; saying you are useless and you don’t deserve this job, yes this job, this miserable job… and the second category of course, are those people who directly ask to talk to the manager because they think you are incompetent, those people are the kind of people who could get a waiter fired because of a soup being too cold, or too hot. This is why this period of time is the most stressing in the year… I feel stupid, talk rubbish… This job helps me…my husband is just a little postman and we have two children but…why don’t I simply send them packing and give them my resignation? It would be easier but I can’t, you can’t… My husband is about to land a new job too and we don’t earn enough because we have a house to pay… I am thinking of trying to find a new job too, a better-paid one but if I give up my job and if I cant’ get a new one, it would be quite embarrasing… What should I do? Maybe I shouldn’t have got married so young and we shouldn’t have had children immediately… But it’s the past now , there’s no need crying over spilt milk… and my family is all my life, I love them so much… »

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